Latest release - v6p3r2

Following the plan of our new release cycle (i.e. more frequent intermediate releases between major releases), the new version v6p3 release2 is now available. Here is a short summary of the main changes since v6p3r1:

  • Improvements to the automated validation of the system in parallel mode
  • Overall memory and speed optimisation of the python scripts
  • Allowing multiple CAS files to be run together as one HPC (parallel) job
  • An important correction to the PSI scheme,
  • An important correction to the computation of pressure gradients in the wave equation
  • A new example added to CORRXY (in comment),
  • Implementation of stability criteria for finite volume schemes
  • Improvements to the configuration file and its management of parallel simulation
  • And various bug fixes and improvements following your feedback on the forum (e.g. better captures of errors in the python scripts)

This intermediate release is available through our SVN:

Thanks to all the contributors to this version and to all the users that provided very useful feedback. As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome on the forum.

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