v7p2r1 is available for download

Maintenance release 1 of the open TELEMAC system v7p2 is available for through our SVN:

The tag v7p2r1 can be found here: http://svn.opentelemac.org/svn/opentelemac/tags/v7p2r1/

For those using the automatic installer, the latest release will automatically be recognised and selected by default.

Thanks to all the contributors to this version and to all the users that provided very useful feedback. As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome on the forum.

In this release, we have included:

  • Fix CUE#403 non-initialised variables in read_fic_sources and read_fic_frliq.
  • Fix suspension computation in SISYPHE.
  • Correction for boundary condition when working with the MED file format.
  • Various fixes in documentations and comments.
  • Fix littoral example.
  • Fix in TOMAWAC / TELEMAC coupling.
  • Fix if MAXVA3 or MAXVAR are greater than 100 for the sizes TEXT3, TEXTP3, MNEMO.
  • Fix the bridge culvert data file.
  • Fix bug CUE#394: 3D tracer transfers between culverts (the elevation was not taken into account).
  • Fix if k-epsilon turbulence model is used with a different horizontal or vertical turbulence model.
  • Fix wrong type of partitioning for BINARY ATMOSPHERIC DATA FILE and BINARY BOUNDARY DATA FILE.
  • Fix binary boundary file in TELEMAC-3D.


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