ARTEMIS - Numerical simulation of wave propagation towards the shore and agitation into harbours

ARTEMIS is a scientific software dedicated to the simulation of wave propagation towards the coast or into harbours, over a geographical domain of about few square km. The domain may be larger for simulation of long waves or resonance. The frequency dependence and directional spreading of the wave energy is taken into account by ARTEMIS. The computation retrieves the main wave characteristics over the computational domain : significant wave height, wave incidence, orbital velocities, breaking rate, ...




ARTEMIS solves the Berkhoff's equation or Mild Slope Equation through finite element formulation. The Mild Slope Equation has been extended to integrate dissipation processes. With a consistent set of  boundary conditions, ARTEMIS is able to model the following processes :

  • Bottom refraction
  • Diffraction by obstacles
  • Depth induced wave breaking
  • Bottom friction
  • Full or partial reflections against walls, breakwaters, dikes , ...
  • Radiation or free outflow conditions

Finite element mesh of an harbour



ARTEMIS has been validated on a set of reference tests and has been successfully used for numerous studies. The software has shown its ability to provide reliable wave agitation results in coastal areas, in the vicinity of maritime works and structures, or in the surf zone.

ARTEMIS : an operational tool to determine project conditions : structure design, coastal management, wave conditions for wave driven currents and associated  sand transport, ...

Breaking rate in the surroundings of an harbour for two different wave directions

... easily carrying into effect with the help of adapted pre and post-processors for mesh generation and results visualization.

Simulation of wave reflections in an harbour



ARTEMIS is integrated in the hydro-informatics TELEMAC-MASCARET system. TELEMAC-MASCARET gathers a complete set of software dedicated to environmental fluid mechanics problems : 2D and 3D current modelling, waves, sedimentology, water quality.

  • ARTEMIS is based on the pre- and post-processor developed within the TELEMAC-MASCARET system to carry out the different steps required by a study : meshing (MATISSE or other commercialized software), simulation conditions specification (EDAMOX), illustration and visualization of the numerical results (RUBENS). These tools are nowadays available on standard workstations.
  • ARTEMIS uses the common libraries developed within the TELEMAC-MASCARET system. This particularly concerns numerical schemes and efficient solvers, which are continuously in progress.
  • Moreover, it is easy to couple ARTEMIS to any other software of the TELEMAC-MASCARET system

As all the software of the TELEMAC-MASCARET system, ARTEMIS is developed following the Quality Insurance Procedures in effect in the Research and Development Division of Electricité de France. A compete documentation is provided with ARTEMIS : a theoretical nottice, a user and initiation anual, an AIRH-standard validation document.

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